About APA-Finance

APA-Finance is the financial news agency of the APA-Austria Press Agency and the leading provider of professional stock exchange and business news in Austria. We produce specialised financial news services for the domestic media and for professional clients from the international financial industry. The news services cover all news relevant to stock exchange concerning markets, companies, industries, the economy and economic policy at home and abroad.

The news comes directly from the APA newsroom, while the coverage of the latest capital market events is handled by the specialised editorial staff for the markets at APA-Finance. There is a team of more than 20 specialised business and financial editors available. Due to the network of correspondents at APA and numerous partner agencies such as Reuters and dpa-AFX – a joint venture of APA and dpa – German Press Agency, APA-Finance reports on all significant international financial centres of the world and on global events that impact the markets. With over 1,000 individual reports on peak days, APA and dpa-AFX together produce the biggest German-language real-time feed on current economic and financial events.

 APA-Finance: the provider for foreign-language financial news

In addition to an extensive selection of German-speaking news items, APA-Finance also supplies English-language business and news feeds. Together with partner agency dpa-AFX, APA-Finance offers the two English-language services dpa-AFX International ProFeed (Real Time Feed for Terminals) and spa-AFX International Compact (Near Time Feed for Internet) as a news source on global economic events. CEE-BusinessLine, a cooperation of nine news agencies from the Baltics to the Balkans, provides an English-language overview of the latest economic events throughout the CEE region. The APA-EconomicNewsService produced by APA-Finance provides brief and incisive synopses of the most important business and stock exchange reports from Austria in the English language.

In addition, APA–Finance offers easy access to a large number of other international news agencies' foreign-language news services. Building on years of business relations and partnerships, APA-Finance has extensive contacts to a large number of international news agencies of outstanding reputation. Enhanced by the necessary technical and administrative expertise, APA-Finance is a "one-stop-shop" for obtaining foreign-language news.  

Quality through integration

As market leader in Austria, APA-Finance counts all important financial information terminal providers as its partners. This means news clients in banks and the financial industry can access all relevant news directly through their respective in-house systems. APA-Finance also offers news content tailored specifically to the respective media for websites, infoscreens, mobile end devices and numerous other news channels. News for these services is continually updated by editors and supplemented with images and other auxiliary multimedia features.

 About APA-Austria Press Agency

APA-Austria Press Agency is the national Austrian news agency and Austria's leading information service provider. The editorial divisions of APA produce real-time news services in text, photos, graphics, audio and video for Austria's media, while its subsidiaries at home and abroad offer distribution and research services as well as IT solutions for media clients and other industries.

For further information, please contact: Wolfgang Nedomansky, phone +43 1 36060-5200 or wolfgang.nedomansky@apa.at

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